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PerfectEssay provides free revisions, and no questions are asked in this regard. It is understandable that a custom essay online service is responsible for providing revisions to the students as many times as they want. If you navigate through our web pages, you will get to know that we have a fair revision policy, according to which the students are provided with as many revisions as they want. In the meantime, please remember that the revision requests are entertained only when these are par the initial project requirements. In case you bring in a new set of instructions, the company might not be able to revise the paper without additional charges.

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Has any other company ever provided you with a free title page? Most of the custom writing services working on the web provide their students with paid title pages, and it is a matter of great concern. For example, if your essay originally consists of one page, the company will charge you for two pages, one page with the original content and the other page will be the title page. In the case of PerfectEssay, we do not charge anything for the title page. Whether the assignment is long or a short one, the title pages come free of cost, and this service is provided to all of the students studying at different schools, colleges and universities in the world.

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It is obvious that the writer will take the help from different books and journals while crafting your paper. At the same time, he is required to insert citations and references in the paper as per the requirements of the student. At PerfectEssay, bibliography, citations and reference pages are provided free of cost. It means you can ask for as many references as you want, and the writer will be more than happy to insert them on the last page of the assignment while citing the whole text to avoid any plagiarism issue in the future. You can tell us clearly about your requirement and need not pay for the reference list.

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The best formatting styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. A writer who works on your paper takes care of the formatting of the project and does not ask for extra prices. The company is responsible for providing its students with free formatting. It means you can tell us whether the essay should be formatted in the APA style, MLA style, Harvard or Chicago style. Based on your requirements, we will be more than happy to format and structure it so that the final product looks flawless and professional. Unlike other companies that ask for a lot of money for formatting the essays, we will not charge you anything extra in this regard.


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